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Carey McClure applelk at
Tue Oct 22 01:55:07 PDT 1996

Dear Mari, Baroness of Bjornsborg

		I have not meet you face to face, but I have heard so many good things 
and have great memories of an event last may put on by Byrn Gwlad at Gonzales, Tx.
At which persons from your Barony made my welcome back to the SCA quite nice.

		I would be honored to attend some of your events and local happenings.
Could I get the E-mail address from a contact.

		I am reading that you'all are friendly ( as I am also ). 
		I look forward to meeting you all no later than Bj XX in Nov. In a way
I will be celebrating also. The 5 of Nov. is my birthday and Baroness Regena of the 
Amazons has told me to be there or else ( party with candles I think. I took the only 
pictures of her pelicaning at kings college. ).
						 Vivat to you all ! ! !


	Connor Mac CLure, Blacksmith of Ayr, Scotland
mka	Carey McClure, Owner of Apple Safe and Lock, Austin, Tx
	512 918-0977 electric voice mail

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