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Dia duit!

harry billings wrote in a message to All:

 hb> You know the longer this goes on the more I like it. "The
 hb> Principality of Hell" recognizes archers befor the Kingdom of
 hb> Ansteorra does. Perhapps theis could be the proding that the
 hb> Kingdom needs to honor its archers. 

I was unaware that Ansteorra did not honor archers.  It seems to me that
Gilbert ost Wesley has received several awards for his service as an archer. 
And certainly, Masters Iolo and Leon appear to have received the highest
accolades for their skills as bowyers.  And if Leon did not receive his Lion
for the completeness and detail of his archer persona, then I must have
completely misheard the reasons he was made a Lion.

It is not necessary to have a separate award for archery for archers to be
honored.  Do we also need separate awards for acrobats, farmers, architects,
armorers, astronomers, beadmakers, beekeepers, bookbinders, brewers,
calligraphers, chandlers, carpenters, cartographers, cooks, dancers, actors,
painters, dyers, embroiderers, equestrians, felters, fullers, glasiers,
mileners, hawkers, historians, jewelers, jugglers, leather workers, poets,
potters, sailors, seamstresses/tailors, cobblers, engineers, smiths, masons,
wainwrights, weavers, etc., etc.??

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