The Principality of Hell

Matthew R. Popalisky mpopali at
Mon Oct 21 15:23:54 PDT 1996

On 20 Oct 1996, Aodhan Ite an Fhithich wrote:

> I was unaware that Ansteorra did not honor archers.  It seems to me that
> Gilbert ost Wesley has received several awards for his service as an archer. 
> And certainly, Masters Iolo and Leon appear to have received the highest
> accolades for their skills as bowyers.  And if Leon did not receive his Lion
> for the completeness and detail of his archer persona, then I must have
> completely misheard the reasons he was made a Lion.

OK, that's service, science, and research.  That's not archery, however.
It's like giving a good fighter awards for recruiting and marshalling,
research and construction of actual weapons, and being the ultimate
Cruisader personna, but not making him a Fyrdman (sorry, I'm out of

> It is not necessary to have a separate award for archery for archers to be
> honored.  Do we also need separate awards for acrobats, farmers, architects,
> armorers, astronomers, beadmakers, beekeepers, bookbinders, brewers,
> calligraphers, chandlers, carpenters, cartographers, cooks, dancers, actors,
> painters, dyers, embroiderers, equestrians, felters, fullers, glasiers,
> mileners, hawkers, historians, jewelers, jugglers, leather workers, poets,
> potters, sailors, seamstresses/tailors, cobblers, engineers, smiths, masons,
> wainwrights, weavers, etc., etc.??

The poor archer is caught somewhere in a weird limbo between combat and
science.  I gather no one has a really good answer.  Also, like the mundae
props-master in theatre, s/he is often ignored.

Just my own observations,


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