Cider presses

Terry_A._Harper at Terry_A._Harper at
Mon Oct 21 08:05:09 PDT 1996

Oregon Specialty Products sells a fruit/cheese press for about $60 IIRC.
They are a wine making wholesaler based out of Portland, OR.  The press is
made to easy to clean and use.   It suspends over a large
bucket/trashcan/whatever.  I have the data at home with my vinting business
files.  To do business with them you'll need a state tax number.  Their
prices are pretty good and response is great.  Generally, if I place an
order before 10 a.m. they ship it the the same day.  

Bug me at: Borrendohl at or wait until monday and I'll try to remember
to send it to from here.  


Could I please have the address as well?  I'm posting from my office
          account, so I have a little trouble sending e-mail to
          individuals rather than just replying to the mailing list.

          Damaris, if your out there, we could both use one of


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