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Fri Oct 18 08:03:54 PDT 1996

Greetings from Zara Zina

>> Please don't settle on a name, or even start discussing names, before
>> some basic research gets done.  Unfortunately, I'm not an onomastics
>> expert, but if anyone wants help (personal or branch name -- um,
>> "Gnomevale" might want to read his comments and suggested alternatives
>> with much the same meaning), contact Prof. Brian Scott, Fauze Lozenge
>> Herald, at scott at math.csuohio.edu.
>Actually, just for the record, it's "Gnomon Vale," and my understanding 
>is that the name has nothing to do with "gnomes," but rather with the 
>name found on the Heavener runestone. 

I have noticed of late that some of the heralds jump to conclusions based on
*their* interpretation of a submission, and that knowledge of one particular
style of naming practices and heraldry makes them an expert on all types of
naming practices and heraldry.  Even when presented with documentation of
differing types of these, some are quite slow in admitting their lack of
knowledge in that particular area, even to the point of totally discounting
the documentation.

 Rather than backing up their arguments with sources, some of the consulting
heralds have been resorting to rather subjective criticism in the Gazette,
often critisizing the person's taste rather than their heraldry. I feel that
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".  I personally would not want a fat
frog on my device, but someone else may think it is the most wonderful thing
in the world.  If the device/name is heraldically correct and adheres to the
rules set forth by the College of Heralds, then what right does a herald
have to say that a device is ugly?

It is hard on the local heralds who are really trying to do a good job and
put in the submissions for their group.  

Thank you,

(I will now get off my soapbox for the day and wait for the thrown objects)

Zara Zina, Baroness of Elfsea, it's Cantons of Dun na Loch Ruadh,
Dragonsfire Tor, and the incipient College of Three Bridges

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