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Greetings Cousins,

Lyonel here again.  

At 06:19 PM 10/20/96, Baron Aodhan Ite an Fhithich wrote:

>Now, let me put on my precedence herald's hat...

>A Principality only *needs* one (1) award - for service to the Principality.
>The Kingdom award structure is sufficient to cover eveything else.  Having held
>the Zodiacus office twice in the past, I can assure you that it is hard enough
>keeping the Roll of Precedence uptodate and accurate with the current Kingdom
>awards structure; if a/each Principality attempts to erect a duplicate
>structure, the task will become completely unmanageable.

Okay, then let me put on my ex-principality herald's hat :-) . . .

The principalities of the Sun and Artemisia both have awards for fighting,
service, and arts.  I'm not sure about the Sun, but Artemisia also had a
once-per-reign special award, an award for individual service directly to
the Prince and Princess, an order unique to Viscountesses, and an award for
courtesy/chivalry.  I don't think our order of precedence ever became
"unmanageable"--richly diverse maybe--gloriously complex perhaps--but never
unmanageable.  (We did NOT, however, have awards which conferred a GoA.)  

I notice no one's returned to Mari/Pendaren's suggestion of naming the
principality Tierra Leone.  I was thinking, hey, this Lion thing could have
its fun side.  

We could call our armed forces The Pride (and the mind boggles at the
possible war cries, n'est-ce pas?), and our finest fighters would receive
the Coeur de Lion (yeah, I know, probably a precedence conflict).  

For service to the principality, we could induct the worthy into the Order
of Androcles.  

For arts, I don't know, a tale by Phaedrus/Aesop points out that Lions have
no artistic ability, but perhaps the Order of the Peynted Leoun (from the
Wife of Bath's allusion to the Aesop tale, "Who peynted the leoun, tel me

We could even have an archery award:  Order of the Hunt.

Any more ideas?  The SCA's already full of claw awards, so I'm not sure what
to call the rapier award (manticore, perhaps?).

Also, Tierra Leone's okay, but does anyone have any geographic referent
ideas other than "Tierra"?  Ooops, gotta get to class.  Until later, I remain

Yours in e-Service

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