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Dia duit!
dennis guy grace  wrote in a message to All:

 dgg> Okay, then let me put on my ex-principality herald's hat :-) . . .

 dgg> The principalities of the Sun and Artemisia both have awards for
 dgg> fighting, service, and arts.  I'm not sure about the Sun, but
 dgg> Artemisia also had a once-per-reign special award, an award for
 dgg> individual service directly to the Prince and Princess, an order
 dgg> unique to Viscountesses, and an award for courtesy/chivalry.  I
 dgg> don't think our order of precedence ever became
 dgg> "unmanageable"--richly diverse maybe--gloriously complex
 dgg> perhaps--but never unmanageable.  (We did NOT, however, have
 dgg> awards which conferred a GoA.)   

Ah, but I conclude from this that *you* never had the responsibility of
maintaining the roll of precedence.  Ansteorra's is already ungainly; adding an
equal-sized Principality awards structure (or two or three) very likely will
cause the whole thing to collapse (from a records-keeping point of view).

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