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Tue Oct 22 08:21:07 PDT 1996

Aodhan said:
>Ah, but I conclude from this that *you* never had the responsibility of
>maintaining the roll of precedence.  Ansteorra's is already ungainly; adding an
>equal-sized Principality awards structure (or two or three) very likely will
>cause the whole thing to collapse (from a records-keeping point of view).

Heilsa, Heralds!

        Sounds to me like ya'll need to *quickly* call other realms and find
out how *they* keep the records and plan on overhauling our system right
away.  Principalities or no, the only thing you can be certain of is that
the job will continue to get bigger daily.  And if you haven't planned for
expansion and we *do* end up forming one or more principalities, you will be
s**t up the creek.

        Of course, when I complained that trying to keep up with Laurel
candidates kingdom-wide was a difficult job, I was told by seeveral people
that in that case I was not doing my job properly!  I won't accuse the
College of Heralds of not doing its job, but have no fear, someone will
probably say so.  Whatever, I'd suspect that the heralds need to work on
this problem now:  you recognize you have a problem already, hence  we
should work on fixing it before the wheels of progress grind slowly to a
complete halt.


Gunnora Hallakarva
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