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Wed Oct 23 21:18:07 PDT 1996

Dia duit!

Gunnora Hallakarva wrote in a message to All:

 GH>         Sounds to me like ya'll need to *quickly* call other realms
 GH> and find out how *they* keep the records and plan on overhauling
 GH> our system right away.  

Gunnora, I regularly attend the annual Known World Heraldic Symposia (in fact,
Da'ud is the only other Ansteorran who has regularly attended these).  I talk
with the other Precedence Heralds.  We're actually more organized than most.

*Our* biggest problem - what drove me to quit the office in frustration - is
that most of the heralds in this kingdom do not step up to their responsibility
to report on the awards given out at courts they attend.  Some kingdoms place
that burden on their crown - Ansteorra has place it on the heralds since there
are more of them then there are of the crown and if several heralds report on
each court, the likelihood of the data getting lost in transit is greatly
reduced.  But, this presupposes that heralds will bother to report.

 GH> Principalities or no, the only thing you
 GH> can be certain of is that the job will continue to get bigger
 GH> daily.  And if you haven't planned for expansion and we *do* end up
 GH> forming one or more principalities, you will be s**t up the creek.

Our record keeping system has plenty of room for expansion - we just have to
get the data.  

However, few Ansteorrans understand our awards structure as it is - they don't
know what award gets given for what.  Adding an euivalent number of
Principality awards will not make things less confusing.


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