Runestones and gnomes

stddly at stddly at
Mon Oct 21 12:18:28 PDT 1996

Heilsa dearest Sister!

There is no mud on your face... You were just relaying the facts as you knew
them! *grin* I would love to see the Heavener Runestone. I wonder if the owners
would allow a group of Medieval scholars onto the property to make rubbings,
photos, measurements, etc. It might be worth a try to to contact them and see!

Ya, someone was either one of the all time practical jokers...or a lot of folk
need to rethink their vision of how far the Vikings actually traveled. I 
wanted to talk with you this past weekend but could never find the time. *sigh*

I had a great time at Crown!!

With respect and love...I remain...

...your loyal friend!

Sir Kief...!

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