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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Mon Oct 21 13:55:55 PDT 1996

Thank you Gunnora!

I have often wished someone would post a list of mottoes that others
could use as a starting point, particularly for those of us who do
not speak Latin.

I will be placing this in my SCA Rialto Files as the start of a
new file, probably mottoes-msg. But I'm not sure which area to file
it in currently.

Stefan li Rous
markh at

Date: 10/21/96 11:53 AM
To: Mark Harris
From: ansteorra at
>Greetings to all.
>Would anyone out there be able to help me with a translation into Latin, 
>please?  I would like the following phrase translated and simply don't 
>have the knowledge (or the time, currently) to do so myself:
>This, too, shall pass.
Heilsa, Margaret!

I'll take a swing at it.  Try:   Hic quoque transiet.

I also have a collection of short Latin phrases, painfully learned in
school, that I think would make good mottoes for folks who may be shopping
for one.  Here they are:

Vestis virum reddit. (Clothes make the man).

Veritatem dies aperit. (Time discloses the truth).

Veritas numquam perit. (Truth never dies).

Vitam regit Fortuna, non sapientia. (Fortune rules our lives, not wisdom).

Vincit imitationem veritas. (Truth conquers imitation).


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