Parents, kids and notorizing...

Chris and Elisabeth Zakes moondrgn at
Mon Oct 21 14:20:27 PDT 1996

>        By the way, for those in Bryn Gwlad, I do not charge SCA members for
>notary services. If anyone ever needs notarizations, call me to schedule a
>time and you can come on over and have the notarization done for free. (This
>can really save $$$, I've been seeing more and more documents that need
>multiple notarizations... and the State allows notaries to charge each time
>they "sign and stamp"!) Also, if I know ahead of time, I can bring my ledger
>and seal to any Texas event and perform notarizations for folks living
>outside Bryn Gwlad.
That's really cool, and what a kind offer. Thank you, Mistress!

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