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Mon Oct 21 16:24:52 PDT 1996

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>Pug said:
>>> As per Kingdom Law, Minors (0-17) MUST have parent or 	
>>> guardian with notarized authorization papers.
>>This has always had me curious, and as a new father especially so now.
>>There seems to be a form when you bring a child on site that you have to
>>sign. Now my question is do *parents* have to sign this and have it
>>notorized? If so, why? If so, how come most sites just let you do it
>>there without notorization? What *exactly* is the guidelines regarding
>>children at sites?
>>I certainly understand guardians needing it but not the parents.
>>Phelim Uhtred Gervas
>Heilsa, Pug.  
>        As a Notary Public for the State of Texas, I have frequently been
>asked to notarize statements for parents that provide a temporary guardian
>with the power to provide/authorize food, lodging, medical treatment etc for
>a minor child.  The parent has all those rights automatically.  My guess
>(without clarification from those who made the rule, at least)  is that the
>parent doesn't need a notarized form, the rule is saying the child must be
>accompanied by (1) a parent or (2) a guardian with appropriately notarized
>authorizations to provide appropriate care for the child.
>        By the way, for those in Bryn Gwlad, I do not charge SCA members for
>notary services. If anyone ever needs notarizations, call me to schedule a
>time and you can come on over and have the notarization done for free. (This
>can really save $$$, I've been seeing more and more documents that need
>multiple notarizations... and the State allows notaries to charge each time
>they "sign and stamp"!) Also, if I know ahead of time, I can bring my ledger
>and seal to any Texas event and perform notarizations for folks living
>outside Bryn Gwlad.
>Gunnora Hallakarva
>Ek eigi visa (th)ik hversu o(dh)lask Lofstirrlauf-Kruna
>heldr hversu na Hersis-A(dh)al
I can say for myself if there is anything I can do to help in this area
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