Crown Tournament

Casey Weed nextristan at
Mon Oct 21 16:28:36 PDT 1996

At 05:46 PM 10/21/96 -0500, you wrote:
>On Mon, 21 Oct 1996, Casey Weed wrote:
>>  Lord Brom, a left handed fighter from that area wearing purpure and or,
>> slight of stature but great of heart, gave His Royal Highness a trying bout.
>> He fought extremely well and must have been doing so for some time as he was
>> awarded his Sable Falcon that night in court. Mahadi must have been equally
>> impressed, as he gave Brom the award from his own belt. Brom was also one of
>> just four unbelted fighters to make it into the second round.  
>Master Brom Blackhand?!?!?!?!?!?!  From Three Rivers?  Be still my heart!
>really?  I thought he was inactive for the duration.  I am willing to post
>Prom's Reign for the interested.

As I have been wrong _so_ often of late, so may i be here. As far as i know,
the 'Brom' in question has not yet achieved the rank of Master.
I may have butchered the spelling but Im fairly certain that we arent
talking about the same man. 
This Brom is blond haired, moustached, about as high as a fencepost, and
fights like a hellcat. Anyone out there closer to him than I, correct my
spelling and complete his name if you would. Thank you.


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