Crown Tournament

Matthew R. Popalisky mpopali at
Tue Oct 22 15:04:59 PDT 1996

On Mon, 21 Oct 1996, Casey Weed wrote:

> >Master Brom Blackhand?!?!?!?!?!?!  From Three Rivers?  Be still my heart!
> >really?  I thought he was inactive for the duration.  I am willing to post
> >Prom's Reign for the interested.
> >
> >Kateryn
> >
> As I have been wrong _so_ often of late, so may i be here. As far as i know,
> the 'Brom' in question has not yet achieved the rank of Master.
> I may have butchered the spelling but Im fairly certain that we arent
> talking about the same man. 
> This Brom is blond haired, moustached, about as high as a fencepost, and
> fights like a hellcat. Anyone out there closer to him than I, correct my
> spelling and complete his name if you would. Thank you.

No, Brom Blackhand has a very old mastery in brewing, I think.  NOt to
mention he is shortish and dark.  Drat.  I am always hoping he comes out
of retirement, as he is quite a gent.


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