The Principality of Hell--NOT!

Tim McDaniel tmcd at
Mon Oct 21 20:44:57 PDT 1996

On Mon, 21 Oct 1996 MstrssMara at wrote:
> Hey Meadhbh!!!!!!!!!!!!
> <This  entire thread is being done in jest...I don't think a little
> <frivolity will hurt. ...
> We think tooooooooooooooooooo much alike!     :-)

Lest I be thought of as a right humourless barstard, I can produce
references that I have a sense of humor.  Granted, it tends towards
low puns (e.g., the worst Shakespear pun in the world), and given my
interests, to heraldic humor.  (I can document "Bevis Butthead" pretty
well, for instance.  I drew up the name and badge for "Lance Assman",
"[Fieldless] A faggot flaming proper.", which has a proper faggot
flaming properly.)

Daniel de Lincoln
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