The Principality of Hell--NOT!

maddie teller-kook meadhbh at
Tue Oct 22 04:48:44 PDT 1996

Tim McDaniel wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Oct 1996 MstrssMara at wrote:
> > Hey Meadhbh!!!!!!!!!!!!
> >
> > <This  entire thread is being done in jest...I don't think a little
> > <frivolity will hurt. ...
> >
> > We think tooooooooooooooooooo much alike!     :-)
> Lest I be thought of as a right humourless barstard, I can produce
> references that I have a sense of humor.  Granted, it tends towards
> low puns (e.g., the worst Shakespear pun in the world), and given my
> interests, to heraldic humor.  (I can document "Bevis Butthead" pretty
> well, for instance.  I drew up the name and badge for "Lance Assman",
> "[Fieldless] A faggot flaming proper.", which has a proper faggot
> flaming properly.)

well....ya got me on this one!!!! i do love that badge.....just goes to
show....heralds CAN have a very twisted sense of humor.



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