Recognizing Skill and Good Works

harry billings psobaka at
Tue Oct 22 06:55:11 PDT 1996

>We have too many awards and they are given out too freely.  What we have
>resembles, more than anything, the Boy Scout merit badge system. Is it really
>necessary to have awards and titles in order to recognize those who have done
>well?  Is not public acclaim from the Crown enough?
>Baron Aodhan Ite an Fhithich, ML
>Dobharchu Herald

The words "thank-you" are used sparsly even in our beloved game.  If you
eliminate the "non-period" and "non-apropriate" awards we will be left with
people being rewarded only for pounding other people into the ground like so
many tent pegs.  Most of the rest of us will not be remembered.  Public
accaim is limited at best.  No slap itended to the crowns, but how often has
it happened that so-and-so got something and no-one reasized it until after
court was over?

I understand why you feel the way you do,  I simply cannot agree.

Saffiya 'bint Da'ud Al'Mubarrak

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