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> Dia duit!

God and Mary to you!

> It was rare in the Middle Ages for one to receive recognition (by
> way of titles or land) from the Crown; it was *extremely* rare to
> receive such recognition more than once in a lifetime.  Yet, we have
> a system in which people actually expect to get such recognition
> several times over the course of a few years. >From the records of
> the last few reigns during which I served as Zodiacus Herald, the
> Crowns of Ansteorra have been giving out, on average, over 500
> armigerous awards per year.  That's about 10% of the Kingdom being
> called up and formally recognized in Court.  Did 10% of England or
> France ever see their King in person, much less receive recognition
> in His Court?

Your point remains the same, your excellency, but a small quibble 
about the math: What percentage of English or French NOBILITY ever 
see their King in person? Would this not be a more accurate 

> We have too many awards and they are given out too freely.  What we
> have resembles, more than anything, the Boy Scout merit badge
> system. Is it really necessary to have awards and titles in order to
> recognize those who have done well?  Is not public acclaim from the
> Crown enough?

Amounts to the same thing in most cases: an award to put on the 
"brag wall." So public acclaim from the Crown with a scroll saying so 
would accomplish the same purpose and ease the burden of the 
precedence heralds. 

Next question: How do we change horses in the middle of the stream?

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