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Aodhan Ite an Fhithich aodhan at dobharchu.org
Tue Oct 22 07:34:51 PDT 1996

Dia duit!

harry billings wrote in a message to All:

 hb> Allow me to correct myself " The Principalit of Hell " recognizes
 hb> archers befor the Kingdom of Ansteorra does in a maner similar to
 hb> other Kingdoms. Also their are about eight Sable Thisle, one Sable
 hb> Falcon. I have heard of one Laurel and to that HL Gillie, Masters
 hb> Iolo and Leon in 16 years 

I don't know where you get the figure 16 years from.  The SCA is just over 30
years old, the Kingdom of Ansteorra just over 17.  Archery has not garnered
enough interest to be more than an "oh, yeah, we can shoot some arrows in the
corner of that field" activity until recently.  It *has* grown enough interest
that archery only events are not uncommon.  I haven't seen any period
encampments only, or costuming only, or weaving only events...

 hb> it dose not sound like archers are in
 hb> this for the honors, but rather for the FUN. 

I should hope *EVERYONE* is here for the fun, and not for the honors.  Anyone
motivated solely by receiving honors is *not* the sort of people I want in the
SCA - they tend to become bad kings and cranky dukes.

 hb> Although making 500 to
 hb> 1000 combat arrows is a differnt kind of fun, ask HL Gillie.
 hb> Especially when about 20% them will come back broken just in frount
 hb> of the fletching by a stick jopck stomping on it as he leave the
 hb> field, mad about being killed by a damned archer!! 

Awww...  Pity the poor archers.  Their arrows get broken and they have to make
new ones.

What about the scribe who slaves for hours and hours over a County scroll only
to find out later that a drink was dumped on it and the scroll ruined before
the Count even got it home?

What about the seamstress who works for weeks sewing new costumes for Their
Highnesses' Coronation and never sees them again beuause they're wadded up in a
box in a pile of similar boxes in a regalia storage shed on the other end of
the kingdom?

If the archers deserve separate awards because they suffer for their art, then
should not these other craftsmen also have separate awards?

Sheesh!  Get some perspective.

Baron Aodhan Ite an Fhithich, ML
Dobharchu Herald

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