A&S Judging: Mead Criteria / Packaging?

maddie teller-kook meadhbh at io.com
Tue Oct 22 16:44:28 PDT 1996

Mike Baker wrote:
> Is there anything approaching a set of standard judging criteria for mead
> and other brewer's / vintner's products in SCA A&S competitions around
> Ansteorra? I haven't seen anything approaching one, but I have yet to enter
> (first batch of mead is happily bubbling now...)
> The broader issue of standards for evaluating A&S entries may be something
> that we as Ansteorrans would prefer *not* to accept, such as exemplified by
> the judging criteria in effect for some neighboring kingdoms.  I don't
> particularly want to re-open that particular container of annelidae (can of
> worms), but would like some idea of whether I will be facing purely the
> individual tastes of a specific competition's judging team or comparison to
> some "ideal".

Judging criteria is a topic that gets discussed frequently...in the
laurels circle and out of it, at A & S and Colleges.  There are no
standardized criteria yet for brewing (or any other discipline).  If you
have any suggestions...please e-mail them to me and we can discuss it!
If any other laurels are out there....PLEASE comment!

in service.......

Mistress Meadhbh

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