A&S Judging: Mead Criteria / Packaging?

MstrssMara at aol.com MstrssMara at aol.com
Tue Oct 22 19:25:03 PDT 1996


<Judging criteria is a topic that gets discussed frequently...in the
<laurels circle and out of it, at A & S and Colleges.  There are no
standardized <criteria yet for brewing (or any other discipline).  If you
<have any suggestions...please e-mail them to me and we can discuss it!
<If any other laurels are out there....PLEASE comment! >>

I too would like to hear what the artisans have to say about this subject.
 As a Laurel (and yes I know not everyone agree's with me) I want to see some
standards in place.  As to what these are, I don't know.  Let us know what
your ideas are.  Not saying that they will be adopted or put in use.  But ya
have to start somewhere.........
This will probably stir up a big ol mess...............but oh well........


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