A&S Judging: Mead Criteria / Packaging?

Richard Bainter pug at interval.net
Wed Oct 23 06:19:23 PDT 1996

> Is there anything approaching a set of standard judging criteria for mead 
> and other brewer's / vintner's products in SCA A&S competitions around 
> Ansteorra? I haven't seen anything approaching one, but I have yet to enter 
> (first batch of mead is happily bubbling now...)

My question is more basic.

What type of documentation do you usually need/want to submit with
brewing *displays*? I know I do nothing like period brewing right now,
especially since I just sorta make it up as I go with the equipment I
have. (Wait, that might be period. *wink*) I figure this is supposed to
be period recreation and not a brewing competition.

What are *good* places to find period brewing sources? (I can do the
leg work, I was just wondering if anyone had any good ones that are
readily available or more "bible" like than others. Digby's is a bit
out of print, but parts of it are online. I'm in search for "A Sip
Through Time" already.)



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