A&S Judging: Mead Criteria / Packaging?

maddie teller-kook meadhbh at io.com
Thu Oct 24 16:39:42 PDT 1996

Richard Bainter wrote:
> What should the documentation be? How I did it or how they did it in
> period or both?

Both.  Your documentation should contain a description of the mead, the
original process, what process you used and why your process differed
from the original.  Also, the ingredients, any problems you experienced,
etc.  Plus, a list of references (some judges would like to see a
minimum of 2-3 references listed).  This should be no longer than a page
or 2.  granted, cooking and brewing require longer documentation due to
the added recipes.  
> > 4. If it is well done, constructed, brewed, etc. and follows the
> >    documentation...it's cool.
> In a brewed product, in particular, how can you know that. All you know
> is what they say, and how it tastes. Other material things you can
> examain closely and check. If you take them at their word, this is a
> non-issue. If you don't, there is a serious proof issue. *shrug*

I can tell you what I look for:  good color, how it looks in clear glass
(swirling it release the 'nose'),  how it tastes, mouth feel,
drinkability.  I also look at the documentation to see how the mead was
made.  I am not an expert brewer, but I have done some brewing in the
past and have been around them enough to understand the process. I also
look at the references used.  
> > 5. If it utilizes period methods, materials, handwork, etc. that is contained
> >    in the documentaion...it's cool.
> Ahh! The documentation should be the period method, the procedure should
> cover what they did and why they made changes to the period method of
> doing it.

> > 6. If the artisan/performer built the tools, machines...sheared the sheep,
> >    ground the pigments, made the brush...ad infinitum...AND documented the
> >    whole dang thang... Now THAT'S way cool!
> Although I'd love to do that, I am glad that other people gather the
> honey for me. I'm currently working on getting a press to try and make
> my own juices though. *rubs hands*

Can't wait to try some of your 'stuff' after you start juicing your own
fruit to make mead/cyser/pyment, etc/


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