A&S Judging: Mead Criteria / Packaging?

Richard Bainter pug at interval.net
Wed Oct 23 09:25:52 PDT 1996

> Over the years I've competed in many A&S competitions, judged about as many,
> researched tons-o-stuff, and viewed scads of items everywhere (whether the
> items were on display or not.) My own personal view on "standards" is somewhat
> simple. 
> 1. If I like it...it's cool. 

This is the one that usually is the problem, IMO. It's beauty is in the
eye of the beholder. Things that aren't period, but are pretty, can often
win a competition over ugly, very period things. (As in many things,
those found pleasing to one are not to another.) This is part of the
reason I don't plan on participating in competitions, but once I have a
good stock of brewed stuff I approve of, will be participating in
displays. *shrug*

> 2. If it "looks" (sounds, tastes, etc.) period...it's cool.


> 3. If it has documentation, from simple to very complex...it's cool.

What should the documentation be? How I did it or how they did it in
period or both?

> 4. If it is well done, constructed, brewed, etc. and follows the
>    documentation...it's cool.

In a brewed product, in particular, how can you know that. All you know
is what they say, and how it tastes. Other material things you can
examain closely and check. If you take them at their word, this is a
non-issue. If you don't, there is a serious proof issue. *shrug*

> 5. If it utilizes period methods, materials, handwork, etc. that is contained
>    in the documentaion...it's cool.

Ahh! The documentation should be the period method, the procedure should
cover what they did and why they made changes to the period method of
doing it.

> 6. If the artisan/performer built the tools, machines...sheared the sheep,
>    ground the pigments, made the brush...ad infinitum...AND documented the 
>    whole dang thang... Now THAT'S way cool!

Although I'd love to do that, I am glad that other people gather the
honey for me. I'm currently working on getting a press to try and make
my own juices though. *rubs hands*

> 7. If the object/performance is just a tiny part of the artisan's "body of
>    work" and the "body of work" consists of them living a lifestyle that
>    closely approximates an artisan that lived in "Period"... They are either a
>    Laurel God/dess...and should be recognized immediately.......or committed.



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