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Wed Oct 23 08:53:24 PDT 1996

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>Greetings Cousins, 
>Lyonel here.   First, many thanks to Daniel de Lincoln and Master Talan for
>the list of name possibilities.  Anyone for the Principality of Scireland
>(that's SHEER-uh-lond) or Sonnenmark?

Well, I personally like the Lion-based names. How would you translate
Heart of the Lion into Spanish or Latin? Or maybe Spirit of the Lion,
if we want to get past Land of the Lion. After all, isn't the Lion
theme to capture the spirit of what we all like about Lions?

Honos Servio,
Leonardo Acquistapace, Barony of Bjornsborg
(MKA Lenny Zimmermann, San Antonio, TX)
zarlor at

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