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On Wed, 23 Oct 1996, Lenny Zimmermann <zarlor at> wrote:
> Well, I personally like the Lion-based names. How would you
> translate Heart of the Lion into Spanish or Latin? Or maybe Spirit
> of the Lion, if we want to get past Land of the Lion. After all,
> isn't the Lion theme to capture the spirit of what we all like about
> Lions?

Since I don't have the sources, I have to ask: where are the period
exemplars of such names?

Granted, I have limited experience with place names.  However, I have
a little learning (a dangerous thing, yes).  The large place names I
know the meanings of were all concrete, mostly referring to "the place
where tribe X lives".  (That's unfortunate, as we lack tribes
... unless "Sigmundia" or "Backyardcrewland" works for you!  8-)

England -- land of the Angles
France -- land of the French
Deutschland -- land of the Deutsch
Belgium -- where the Belgia came from
Italy -- where the Italia are (or were)
Normandy -- where the Northmen live
Denmark -- land of the Danes

Poland -- around the Po river, I think
Wales -- land of the Welsh, or "strangers" (yes, I know)
Osterreich -- east kingdom
K'dom of Jerusalem -- these four are important for SCA purposes, I
    think, because they were coined in historic times and thus show
    how people then generated new names for large places.

For more local names, you get things like "Helgi's farm", "ox ford",
"linden colony", "high fort", "stream where the sheep were washed"
... quite concrete names.

In any event, including "lion" in a name (e.g., "lion valley") would
refer to the virtues of the lion well enough without needing to be

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