Celtic Horned God

I. Marc Carlson LIB_IMC at centum.utulsa.edu
Wed Oct 23 21:00:08 PDT 1996

<zarazena at io.com (Vicki Marsh)>
>You touched on a point that I have always wondered at -  the wearing of
>pentagrams.  Would someone of a specific time period have worn them?  

If they were ever worn during the Middle Ages, they would have been worn
as a Christian Symbol.

>Now, if someone wears a pentagram due to personal religious choice, that's
>their business. However, I have had some negative reactions to my choice in
>wearing a pectoral cross.  Interesting double standard..

I agree that it's a double standard, which is why I addressed the point of
about the Horned God.

>Believe it or not, that was me going on a polite rant about some things that
>were said in a recent Gazette about some submissions from one of my local
>heralds (it almost caused her to quit the office).  That particular problem
>has now been resolved, Thank You.>

I was not criticizing your message, merely simplifying it, just as I simplified
my own.  I'm pleased to hear that it has been resolved, although it really
isn't any of my business.

>I *have* been in on some heraldic consultations, and in the living rooms
>where we met, some pretty subjective things were said.  It wasn't published
>for all the world to see.

Just as it shouldn't have been :)

>BTW, one of the things I have learned about net etiquette, is when the group
>agrees with you - for the most part - no one responds to your post. Either
>that or they think you are a nut case and obviously don't require a response.

Oh, I know.  It took me a long time to learn that, but I have gained the
confidence in my ability to express myself that *usually* when people
say nothing it doesn't bother me (There are some times when is is frustrating,
although this was not one of those cases).  I was merely commenting on the
nature of your message and the response it elicited, as opposed to the
nature of mine and the response it got me.  And one thing I have also
learned, is that when people start ignoring you, they rarely bother to
say so :)

>You are not a nut. A little strange, but then....I don't have much room 
>to talk.

It's a fair cop.

>Zara Zina (Yes, the spelling has again been changed to appease the great
>Herald in the Sky. I re-submitting my name this week after I get all the
>gajillion copies made)

Ah well.  I'll change my notes...


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