Cor Leonis

Heidi J Torres hjt at
Wed Oct 23 21:53:52 PDT 1996

Mari sends Greetings to All:

On Wed, 23 Oct 1996, dennis grace wrote:

> Eudora???] might also serve.  In Latin, Lion's Heart is Cor Leonis, but
> _cor_ does the same multitask duty in Latin as _corazon_ in Spanish. 

Cor Leonis?  Corleonis?  Sorry, Sir Lyonnel, but the first thing I 
thought of was the Mafia family in "The Godfather".  This leads my mind 
down the path of an entire principality of people speaking with bad 
Italian accents and carrying viola d'gamba (sp?) cases, slurping 
spagetti, etc.  This could only lead to men kissing in 
restaurants and then garrotting each other -- a spectacle I devoutly wish 
not to observe, at least in this Kingdom.

Also, I know from experience that once people start talking in bad Italian 
accents, it becomes difficult to stop, thus endangering one's home life, 
job evaluation and parent/teacher conferences, not to mention what could 
happen in a your favorite Italian restaurant.

Still, as you might guess, I sort of like it.

> Maybe we could go with a weak cant on an old phrase and call ourselves the
> _Parte del Leon_ (Lion's Share).  Anybody want to check the phrase for date
> of origin and/or to see if _parte_ has ever been used to refer to a portion
> of land?

I like this too, both for the evil canting reasons and for the fact that 
it will be immediately mistranslated as "Party d'Leon" or "Party Dally 
On", or something far worse that hasn't even occurred to me.

> Well, I think that's about all the damage I can do to this request. 

Me too!



(who, just for everyone's clarification, has made this entire post in 
jest.  If I have failed to offend anyone, I do apologize.  I'll try to 
make a clean sweep next time.)

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