Ansteopality Revisited

Aodhan Ite an Fhithich aodhan at
Wed Oct 23 22:23:58 PDT 1996

Tim McDaniel  wrote in a message to All:

 TM> Seriously, though, I made that point in the hearing of and asked
 TM> the opinion of my dear liege lady, Mistress Kay of Triasterium,
 TM> most gracious of ladies, and she allowed as how, yes, I *was* being
 TM> too harsh.  Many peers may not have knowledge of onomastics, just
 TM> as for any other one specific activity, and thus may not realize
 TM> just how different mediaeval names were from modern naming
 TM> practices. 

Granted.  But they should be the first to say either "let's ask the experts" or
"hold a bit while I research that".

 TM> Therefore, any peer reading this mailing list I will now deem No
 TM> Longer Totally Ignorant, and I Will Hold You Accountable.  It Will
 TM> Be On The Midterm.  You Have Been Warned.  8-)

Uh...  Could you re-post the reading list; I seem to have misplaced my copy...


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