Ansteopality Revisited

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Tue Oct 22 20:53:23 PDT 1996

On 20 Oct 1996, Aodhan Ite an Fhithich <aodhan at> wrote:
> Certainly, since most of those discussing a name for this
> hypothetical Principalidty are Peers, it does not seem that
> expecting them to consider medieval naming models is an unreasonable
> expectation.

"But Bullwinkle, that trick never works!"

Seriously, though, I made that point in the hearing of and asked the
opinion of my dear liege lady, Mistress Kay of Triasterium, most
gracious of ladies, and she allowed as how, yes, I *was* being too
harsh.  Many peers may not have knowledge of onomastics, just as for
any other one specific activity, and thus may not realize just how
different mediaeval names were from modern naming practices.

That said, I personally *do* expect peers to think about period
practices and to generally uphold the desirability of following them
(modulo the usual modifiers like safety, laws, offensiveness, et

Therefore, any peer reading this mailing list I will now deem No
Longer Totally Ignorant, and I Will Hold You Accountable.  It Will Be
On The Midterm.  You Have Been Warned.  8-)

Daniel de Lincoln
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