Yet More Summer Reruns

Aodhan Ite an Fhithich aodhan at
Wed Oct 23 22:54:33 PDT 1996

Gunnora Hallakarva wrote in a message to All:

 GH>         That said, it was up to Daniel to tell us (or not) that he
 GH> was gay. Shame on you, Aodhan, for outing him.  I'm not taking
 GH> offense for Daniel here, BTW.  

Hogwash. Your just butting in. If I stepped on Daniel's toes, it's his place to
thwack me for it.  A "class action" compaint is out of bounds here.

And I didn't "out" Daniel.  He publicly posted his orientation months ago on
the Rialto (or maybe it was the SCA Heralds maillist).

 GH> I have a problem, as a person who is
 GH> gay, with the whole practice of "outing".  

So do I.  I don't see what earthly difference it makes who an adult wishes to
consentually exchange bodily fluids with, and I don't understand why people get
uptight about it.  So someone is gay, or isn't, big deal.  Ranks right up there
with their shoe size.

(flaming heterosexual; size 10 shoes - just to set the record straight)

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