The Principality of Hell--NOT!

Tim McDaniel tmcd at
Wed Oct 23 17:34:24 PDT 1996

On Wed, 23 Oct 1996, Gunnora Hallakarva <gunnora at> wrote:
> But Daniel, if Jim Bob Bubba the homophobe had made it, I would be
> pissed.

Really?  Hmm.  Like I wrote, I need to calibrate my meter.

> That said, it was up to Daniel to tell us (or not) that he was gay.
> Shame on you, Aodhan, for outing him.  I'm not taking offense for
> Daniel here, BTW.  I have a problem, as a person who is gay, with
> the whole practice of "outing".  Hopefully this didn't cause
> problems for anyone this time, but I'd really rather not see the
> practice continue.  I'm out and proud, but not everybody is.

But it's not a general case of outing: it's Baron Aodhan writing about
me in particular.  In the SCA I've been out for years, as Baron Aodhan
well knows.  If he wants to post it in any SCA venue he cares for, he
can certainly go ahead.  You can't criticize Baron Aodhan for outing
based on this one posting; there's no data on his general opinions,
only data on what he knows of me.

As for "taking offense for someone else": I'm of two minds.  I sort of
interpret the above as that (though Gunnora says she's addressing the
general issue rather than mine) and would have wanted her to not have
posted that.  However, there are situations where I devoutly HOPE my
friends take offense for me and stick up for me.  (E.g., suppose
someone slandered me viciously in my absence and their presence.)  I
think it just has to be judged situationally.

Daniel de Lincoln
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