The Principality of Hell--NOT!

Gunnora Hallakarva gunnora at
Wed Oct 23 07:19:42 PDT 1996

>> Daniel de Lincoln wrote:
>> >... I drew up the name and badge for "Lance Assman",
>> >"[Fieldless] A faggot flaming proper.", which has a proper faggot
>> >flaming properly.
>Mistress Aquilanne wrote:
>> Talk about bad taste. ... Do you have any idea how insulting the
>> last part of your post sounds?

Heilsa, All.

        I looked at this from the viewpoint of being a gay person.  I
personally don't find the reference a problem. But Daniel, if Jim Bob Bubba
the homophobe had made it, I would be pissed.  I think this is one of those
things where its OK to do it if you are a member of the group being poked
fun at.  However, Daniel, the way you posted it (ie, without giving a clue
that you were one of the in group) might accidentally give Jim Bob Bubba the
homophobe the idea that his nasty prejudices are OK.

        That said, it was up to Daniel to tell us (or not) that he was gay.
Shame on you, Aodhan, for outing him.  I'm not taking offense for Daniel
here, BTW.  I have a problem, as a person who is gay, with the whole
practice of "outing".  Hopefully this didn't cause problems for anyone this
time, but I'd really rather not see the practice continue.  I'm out and
proud, but not everybody is.


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