The Principality of Hell--NOT!

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Tue Oct 22 21:48:39 PDT 1996

I see that Baron Aodhan made some of the reply I wanted to make.

On Mon, 21 Oct 1996, Mistress Aquilanne wrote:
> Daniel de Lincoln wrote:
> >... I drew up the name and badge for "Lance Assman",
> >"[Fieldless] A faggot flaming proper.", which has a proper faggot
> >flaming properly.
> Talk about bad taste. ... Do you have any idea how insulting the
> last part of your post sounds?

I thought about that in the car, actually, before even reading your
posting.  I really can't say, since it's been my idea for quite some
time and I'm used to it.  I'd like to be able to see it objectively
from a different point of view; it bothers me that I can't.  (It
bothers me because I can't determine whether a class of remark can
cause offense, and thus there may be other classes out there with
potential land mines lurking.)

(Actually, it's not quite my idea any more: I think some kingdom
listed it on a recent April 1 Letter of Intent to Register.)

> If you style yourself a herald, a bandier-about of words, you set
> yourself up as an authority on words and word-usage,

I don't agree.  Certainly the original mediaeval herald was a variety
of minstrel, and as such I suppose would be expected to be above
average in word usage.  However, I think that the respective jobs
diverged later, and I believe that at least a few heralds later
(e.g. Garter King of Arms and some of his staff) weren't primarily
public heralds.

Certainly, in the SCA, word skill is only a part of the duties.  The
usual division of heraldic tasks involves field, camp, court,
submissions and general paper-shuffling, precedence, general
administrative, et cetera.  Some requires word skill, some do not.

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