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>> Thirdly, it sometimes helps to have a choral background as well -- many 
>> the Latin songs include both English lyrics and translations.
> Oh my.  Make sure the lines aren't being "forced" to fit rhythm and rhyme.
> I fact, I would only do that as a dead last.

Milady, I did carefully choose the qualifier "helps". Thank you for 
expanding upon the reason I did not offer this point more strongly.

Also, I was thinking in particular of some older scores that I dealt with in 
high school and some of my church choir work (most probably published 
pre-1960). In these cases, I clearly remember several works that included 
both an English translation of the Latin words AND a set of English words to 
be performed to the tune.  I do not recall the title, but I can clearly see 
in my mind at least one score where the Latin and the English lyrics were in 
their normal under-the-staff location & the direct, non-lyric, translation 
was given on a facing or otherwise separated page.

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