broken arrows

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Thu Oct 24 18:26:25 PDT 1996

Greetings unto the Ansteorran archers,

I just got a copy of Sir Jon's Combat Archery Handbook (which was
announced here on this list recently) and while thumbing through it 
saw this passage:

	It is likely that in 1997 the SCA combat archery rules will allow 
the use of solid fiberglass rod, 1/4 to 11/32 inch, as an additional 
shaft material. Each kingdom may then decide to allow its use as an 
additional shaft material.  So far it has tested out to be shatter proof 
under combat conditions.  It must be bent into a U shape before it can 
break.  And when it does finally break, it breaks like rattan into a 
bunch of fibers.

Perhaps this will eliminate the broken arrows from accidental
breakage and even minimize the intentional breakage from vandals
and "poor-sport" fighters.

This Combat Archery Handbook should be up with the SCA Rialto Files
as soon as I finish some minor editing.

Stefan li Rous

PS: If there are fighters intentionally breaking arrows I wonder
if they have ever been caught on film or video tape?

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