broken arrows

sandra sandra at
Thu Oct 24 11:12:35 PDT 1996

One last comment on the broken arrow theme...

 I've just started learing chivalric combat in the SCA, and
one thing I can say for certain now... (and it might change when I
have my own armor) but I can't see my feet!!!

Between the helm, the gorget, and various other accouterments (sp?),
I'm afraid to bend over and look for fear I'll be overbalanced
and fall.

Of course, there are malicious people out there, I think I've
even seen fighters do it, but give the rest the benefit of the doubt...

Also, (and here is where the engineer in me comes out), maybe the point
that many arrows break at is the weakest...

Plachoya, if you want, we can try and set up some sort of testing method...

-Kiera McFhlannchaidh



Is that a word?

- sandra at

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