broken arrows

eric caladin at
Wed Oct 23 23:39:28 PDT 1996

>Sir Lyonel said:
>  These examples only
>serve to belittle the man for feelings of frustration over clearly exampled
>disrespect.  Hey, I'm a heavy fighter; ... I find the all too common occurence 

> ... we are not looking for villains... where
>none exists. Yes, arrows and quarrels get broken on the battlefield, but
>is it through accident or intention?
>Some may get intentionally broken, but perhaps this is only a small minority
>of those that get broken. Arrows are easily stepped or fallen on on the
>battlefield. Has anyone actually seen someone stomping on arrows or quarrels
>or is this yet another story with no basis?

As a heavy fighter, and A lover of archers... even the one's who've shot
me(although it takes me a few secondes to remeber that when it happens... :)
) I have to say that I find the opinion the we (stick jocks) step on arrows
purposly untastes full, I don't deny that it probably does happen, but I
feel it's very rare..

Firstly I beleive most arrows get broken because they are stepped on DURING
the battle not after (after they hit something they usually fall DOWN don't
they, say  about where our feet are stomping furiously at the moment?)... 

To be honest I beleive that ,for the great majority, even if a fighter were
to step on a shaft while exiting the field, It would not be from malice...
but lack of attention. Frankly when I'm leaving the field just about the
last thing I'm thinking about is where I'm placing my feet, and even though
a fighter may be looking down, I doubt he(or she) is usually paying much
attention. It's unfortunate, and I'm sure from the side It may look like
intent, but the fighter is probabaly replaying how he died in his mind, or
just trying to slog all the way to the nearest water bearer with out
spontaniously combusting...  not brutally killing innocent arrowshafts.

Filialy Yours, oh Archer brethern,

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