broken arrows

harry billings psobaka at
Wed Oct 23 19:00:22 PDT 1996

>I wonder though if we are not looking for villains and evil intent where
>none exists. Yes, arrows and quarrels get broken on the battlefield, but
>is it through accident or intention?
>Stefan li Rous
When looking for "lost arrows on the target range the perfered method is to
walk backand forth acrost the line of "flight" with moccasins on and find
them by stepping on them and feeling them with your feet. I have kicked an
arrow with a hard toed boot and not broken the shaft. I have seen
demonstrated the stomping on a shaft on a flat concreat floor with hard
soled boot and stepping on the same shaft with the same boots on the same
floor with the step doing no damage ware as the stomp broke the shaft. When
the majority of the broken shafts are all broken in the same place just
below the feltch it just looks strange. That puts the brake about 26 inches
from the point. Kind of far out to have been blocked and broken with out the
arrow already having hit who ever was blocking it. 
Plachoya Sobaka a most insignificant archer in Ravens Fort 

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