broken arrows

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Wed Oct 23 11:44:18 PDT 1996

Sir Lyonel said:

  These examples only
serve to belittle the man for feelings of frustration over clearly exampled
disrespect.  Hey, I'm a heavy fighter; I hate archers (in a battlefield
context :->), but I find the all too common occurence Mr. Billings reports
I wonder though if we are not looking for villains and evil intent where
none exists. Yes, arrows and quarrels get broken on the battlefield, but
is it through accident or intention?

Some may get intentionally broken, but perhaps this is only a small minority
of those that get broken. Arrows are easily stepped or fallen on on the
battlefield. Has anyone actually seen someone stomping on arrows or quarrels
or is this yet another story with no basis?

And yes, I fight armored combat and yes, I do combat archery. Last Gulf Wars
two of the half dozen arrows I got off in the two castle battles before being
killed came back broken.

Stefan li Rous

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