A&S Judging: Mead Criteria / Packaging?

harry billings psobaka at mail.myriad.net
Thu Oct 24 19:34:56 PDT 1996

>The hard part is finding a way to compare apple wine and cloved oranges,
>if I may slaughter an not old enough saying.  I would not want to choose
>between Playchoya's beautifully crafted arrow (sorry for the assumption
>that you do that if you don't) and Gunnora's superb clay beads. 
Yes I make them myself, that is the surest way to get wooden shafted arrows.
I also know who did it if some thing is not right, and just about the only
way to get period arrows ( those with the nock cut into the shaft not a
peace of plastic glued onto the end of it. I have just started doing peroid
arrows as it takes about 10 to 30 minutes longer per arrow even more if you
put in horn inserts and wrap the fletch with thread.
Plachoya Sobaka a most insignificant archer in Ravens Fort 

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