Taking Offense

Aodhan Ite an Fhithich aodhan at dobharchu.org
Thu Oct 24 22:43:31 PDT 1996

dennis grace wrote in a message to All:

 dg> Gunnora is dealing with outing someone else, an attack on a member
 dg> of a minority 

No, Gunnora is dealing with a *perceived* attack without first bothering to
find out if it *was* an attack.  And thus castigating someone who is innocent
of any offense.

 dg> Gunnora's right.  Outing someone--without permission--would be
 dg> wrong.  Her concern was not misplaced in this regard. 

Well, I agree with this.  But, I didn't out anyone, so her concern *was*
misplaced in this instance.

 dg> Baron Aodhan further noted, however:

>And I didn't "out" Daniel.  He publicly posted his orientation months ago on
>the Rialto (or maybe it was the SCA Heralds maillist).

 dg> Obviously, Mistress Gunnora was unaware that Daniel de Lincoln is
 dg> out. Baron Aodhan's response could have been _far_ more cordial in
 dg> corecting this mistake. 

Huh?  What was not cordial about my correction? I merely pointed out my source
of information.

 dg> The baron also said:

>So someone is gay, or isn't, big deal.  Ranks
>right up there
>with their shoe size.

 dg> Well, I think His Excellency is a bit off the mark here.  People
 dg> don't get fired, evicted from their apartments, arrested in Georgia
 dg> for lewd and lascivious conduct, drummed out of the military,
 dg> accused of child molestation, beaten, raped, and generally reviled
 dg> over their shoe-size. 

 dg> We're all happy to hear that the baron has so
 dg> enlightened an attitude. Would that it were only so for much of the
 dg> rest of our nation. 

I'm not sure what point you are trying to make here? Because some people are
less enlightened than is ideal those who are more enlightened than they must
act as though they are not?

All I did was supply a piece of information - that Daniel clearly thought was
public knowledge - so that his post might be interpreted as he intended.  I
guess I should have kept my mouth shut.

I think I'll start doing so now.

(outa here)

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