Taking Offense

damaris damaris at geocities.com
Fri Oct 25 06:11:33 PDT 1996

dennis grace wrote:
> People don't get
> fired, evicted from their apartments, arrested in Georgia for lewd and
> lascivious conduct, drummed out of the military, accused of child
> molestation, beaten, raped, and generally reviled over their shoe-size.
> We're all happy to hear that the baron has so enlightened an attitude.
> Would that it were only so for much of the rest of our nation.


Thanks for your words of support here.  I know His Excellency means well
and I am not singling him out but until you've walked in the "shoes" we 
wear, you can't possibly know the fear of losing your livlihood and/or 
life just because of who you are.  It felt good to read your words. 
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A great many people think they are thinking when they are
only rearranging their prejudices.  William James.

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