Taking Offense

j.l.jackson hartel jhartel at vvm.com
Fri Oct 25 15:16:44 PDT 1996

(several snips...)

>Gunnora is dealing with outing someone else, an attack on a member of a
minority (clearly self-outing would be a different matter).  
>Gunnora's right.  Outing someone--without permission--would be wrong.  Her
concern was not misplaced in this regard. 
>Baron Aodhan further noted, however:
>>And I didn't "out" Daniel.  He publicly posted his orientation months ago on
>>the Rialto (or maybe it was the SCA Heralds maillist).
>Obviously, Mistress Gunnora was unaware that Daniel de Lincoln is out.
>Baron Aodhan's response could have been _far_ more cordial in corecting this

And then there are those of us who either didn't catch the reference or just
ignored it...All this "discussion" is turning it into a bigger deal than it
actualyy is.  People on the net joke about so much that many times it is
hard to tell the sarcasm from the truth.  If someone feels that another has
said something out of line shouldn't it be handled privately instead of a
public flogging?  


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