Wearing of religious jewelry

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Fri Oct 25 08:17:01 PDT 1996

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>>What is a pectoral cross?

>>Diarmuit wrote:
>A cross or crucifix designed to be worn over the "Pectoral region"
>(i.e., the chest), traditionally as a sign of ecclesiastical office.

One of the reasons that I don't wear that style anymore.  My research has
shown that if a cross was worn, it was generally either a small one worn
next to the heart, or suspended from a belt.  I actually have a pilgrims
cross from Byzantium - a small bronze cross designed to be worn on a
necklace or a belt - dating from the 11th century.  I haven't found any
documentation that laity wore pectoral crosses. (BTW, the term pectoral is
also used to describe the larger muscles under the nipples).

Zara Zina

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