Wearing of religious jewelry

Vicki Marsh zarazena at io.com
Sun Oct 27 10:15:43 PST 1996

Daniel de Lincoln wrote:
>I got a cross a few Pennsics ago.  They said it was from a period
>stone mold for a pilgrim's badge.  Actually, it has five crosses on
>it, and the edge says "+SIGNUM:SADCECRVCiSDEWALThAM", which is Latin
>for "My father confessor saw the Holy Cross at Waltham Abbey and all I
>got was this lousy site token".  Well, more or less.  (Yes "SADCTE",
>not "SANCTE".)
>I've been wearing it as a pectoral cross.  Was I sold a proverbial
>piece of the True Cross, not actually of a type used in period?  They
>*seemed* reliable, but I couldn't really check ...  Was it perhaps
>supposed to be worn elsewhere?

My research is in styles worn by women in Byzantium.  For your persona, it
may be just fine.

This is a problem in the SCA.  What is right for one time period and locale
is not always right for another.  

Zara Zina

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