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Vicki Marsh zarazena at io.com
Fri Oct 25 08:08:50 PDT 1996

Greetings all!
>Vicki Marsh wrote in a message to All:

Aodhan wrote:

>Zara Zina, I'm hurt that you forget how long we've known each other.  I've been
>playing since before we were a principality - I'm well aware of how long Iolo's
>been making crossbows (although I must admit I didn't realize Gilli was a
>dinosaur, too).
Weren't you at that awfully hot Barbarian II?  That was my first event (in
1978) and I seem to remember you there...Though I don't know. I partied way
too much at that event and came home with a fiancee'.

>But... Seven years ago *is* recently (especially when your SCA life approaches
>geological timeframes).

In some ways, yes.  But how long does something have to be in existence
before it becomes an important aspect of the SCA?

I do have a question of you and other heralds?  As a new Territorial
Baron/ness, I understand that my husband and I can develop new
non-armigerous Baronial awards.  What is your feeling about them?  Are they
listed in the OP? I know these have to be submitted for approval.  

Also, what about personal awards like House MountainGate's "RingThegns"? Or
Baron Robert Simon Fraser's "Baron's Chalice".  Should these be submitted to
the herald's office? I liked these (I am a RingThegn) and haven't seen very
many like them.

Thank you.  

Zara Zina

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