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>Greetings all!
>>Vicki Marsh wrote in a message to All:
>I do have a question of you and other heralds?  As a new Territorial
>Baron/ness, I understand that my husband and I can develop new
>non-armigerous Baronial awards.  What is your feeling about them?  Are they
>listed in the OP? I know these have to be submitted for approval.  

These awards in my experience are a strictly local matter.  I think they
serve a very useful purpose in helping to recognize and foster peoples good
work.  The need to run them through the heralds for conflict seems a very
reasonable limitation, otherwise I would think that they are strictly a
matter between the local Baron/ess and their populace.  Some groups might
need more encouragement than others.  I also think that these awards should
not be announced in any SCA court outside of the Barony as the awards hold
no precedence outside of the Barony.

>Also, what about personal awards like House MountainGate's "RingThegns"? Or
>Baron Robert Simon Fraser's "Baron's Chalice".  Should these be submitted to
>the herald's office? I liked these (I am a RingThegn) and haven't seen very
>many like them.

This is like House Wolfstars Silver Wolf, it should be and is a matter
strictly between the members of the household.  The recognition should not
be announced in any SCA court as the awards are not sanction by the SCA.

>Thank you.  
>Zara Zina

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