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damaris damaris at geocities.com
Fri Oct 25 13:12:31 PDT 1996

Scott White wrote:

> >We have just had a pair
> >of people who were taken in by an SCA family here rob them
> >blind and take off in a pumpkin orange, late-70's VW van
> >with a couple of SCA bumper stickers on the back.
> Umm, I'm really not comfortable with turning the society into a vigilante
> police group on the lookout for bad folks on the run ... I'm terribly sorry
> about the unfortunate circumstances that befell the good gentles who were
> victimized, but there was NO MENTION in the lengthy post about the role of
> LAW ENFORCEMENT in this tangle ...
> I think descriptions of the people and a brief description of the offenses
> they perpetrated against our fellow SCA members would have been enough, but
> blackening this couple for everything from their parenting skills to their
> library book-borrowing record was a little much.


I was just passing on a post that I thought potential victims might be 
interested in knowing.  Please take up any reputatution blackening and 
vigilante issues with the person who originated the post. I really don't 
care to start another idiotic thread. Okay? 
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